Whale Watching: An amazingly, unexpected reason to visit Puerto Vallarta


Each year thousands of whales migrate from the icy, cold waters of Alaska down to Mexico.

The 6,000 mile journey comes with a purpose for these extraordinary mammals.

“They arrive here to form courtship groups for mating or to bear the calves which were conceived the year before,” according to Mexperience. “When the mating and births are complete, and the temperatures in the northern hemisphere begin to rise, the whales return to the food-rich Alaskan waters pregnant, or with their newly born calves around mid March.”

Many people all along the coast of their journey like to make special trips to the beach for the chance at just glimpse of a whale, including Puerto Vallarta.

Visitors have several whale watching options including group and private tours that guarantee a sighting from December to mid-March.

For other fun activities to do while visiting the beautiful Puerto Vallarta, watch below. Or tune into California Life with Heather Dawson airing nationwide.