What is Every State Googling During Quarantine


For the past month, people have been trying to find ways to fight off cabin fever through streaming, gaming, and blaming Carole Baskin for almost everything.  Reviews.org was curious to see what people were googling during the quarantine to find out how each state is occupied during this time.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Not only is this island simulator popular in the western part of the US, but the newest game in this long-running franchise has already sold more than five million physical copies in Japan alone. In this game, players can go fishing, dig up fossils, plant trees and catch all assortment of bugs on their own private island.

Tiger King

Neflix’s most popular documentary that tells the crazy, true-crime story of Joe Exotic and all matter of crazy characters, has been the streaming site’s most popular show with over 64 million households watching in the first four weeks of its release. 

Playstation 5

Expected to be released sometime during the holidays, most of the entire southern half of the country got excited for Playstation’s newest upcoming console due to the unveiling of the DuelSense Controller. 

Schitt’s Creek

Given this show is wrapping up its sixth and final season, “Schitt’s Creek” saw a rise in search traffic across the northern part of the U.S. And since the first five seasons is available for streaming on Netflix, now’s the best time to get streaming for the final season.