What is to Come with the San Andreas Fault?


California Life got the chance to check in with Tom Jordan to discuss earthquake activity in California. 

The big earthquake is way overdue as we explore the San Andreas fault, which has not had a major earth movement since the 1600s. Seismologist predicts a 7.7 earthquake that could happen at any moment. 

Ken Husky, with Desert Adventures Jeep Tours, knows the San Andreas very well and knows its potential. The San Andreas is almost 900 miles long spreading from Mexico to Northern California, where two major tectonic plates meet. 

When San Andreas does hit, Southern California could experience several minutes of roller coaster motion. 

There’s in-depth research and constant monitoring of the San Andreas fault to prepare for what is to come.

Learn more about the fault line and how to prepare here: https://earthquake.usgs.gov/learn/topics/safz-paleo/