Why Filling out the Census Form in 2020 is Important to Californians


California is trying to get its population to fill out their Census forms for 2020. However, given its large population, it’s hard to tell how many have filled out their forms.

This ranges not only in its population but also through undocumented citizens and large rural populations scattered throughout the state. It’s important to get the right number of Californians so the state and its people can get the right amount of tax dollars for the next 10 years.

Speaking of tax dollars, one example of outlets that rely on this form of income is with medical outlets. Clinics, hospitals and other forms of medical facilities rely on federal tax dollars to keep operations going and provide support to those who are in need of medical assistance.

If Californians don’t fill out the Census forms, less money will go towards healthcare as well as the education system that relies on income coming from the federal government.

By the end, more than 60% of Californians have filled out their Census forms, though fewer than half of minorities and non-speaking households have done the same as well.