Your skin’s Winter Wonderland with Dr. Anne Chapas


Fall has just begun and winter is close behind and experts say there is something we should be doing now to prepare to the cold dry air.

The winter months are just around the corner and that means cooler temperatures. And you may be looking for the right clothes and gear to protect us from the cold but don’t forget to give thought to your body’s first line of defense against that dry winter air… your skin.

Dr. Anne Chapas, Board Certified Dermatologist, tells us how to save our skin from winter damage. She stresses the importance of moisturizing the crucial areas that people tend to neglect and reminds us that with so many products on our store shelves, Dr Chapas says its importnt to ignore the packaging and instead read the list of ingredients.

So as winter quickly approaches, make sure to pay special attention to your skin and lips with a Daily moisturizing routine.

For more, watch the segment to hear Dr. Anne Chapas herself!