10 Crucial Things You Need For A Move From Canada To The US


Making the move from Canada to America can be an exciting time. It can also be a stressful time, and you must prepare adequately to have the best chances of success in your new home. You should ensure you have all of the practicalities taken care of, including temporary accommodation, an idea of where you want to live, and employment lined up.

Many of the adjustments will come in time, but it is still essential to find ways to make the transition easier. Here are some of our top tips to help make the move easier.

Visit The US In Advance

Visit the State where you’ll be living in advance. Spend as long as you can there – ideally, two weeks or more. Find out which areas are the best for your needs and view some rental properties while you’re there.

Get Medical Insurance ASAP

Take out medical insurance as soon as you arrive in the USA. If moving for a job, find out what level of cover your employer provides. If you have pre-existing conditions, ensure they are covered with your provider.

Create A Budget

Research the cost of living in your destination. Budget for all areas of spending: utilities, internet, cell phone plans, and socializing. Ensure you save some money each month. Before leaving Canada, build up an emergency fund and save for the expenses of the move. Ask your employer if they will help with relocation expenses.

Find A Suitable Job

Find a job before moving to America. Choose a steady, stable job and sign your employment contract before spending any money on the move.

Consider Your Long-Term Visa Options

Review the Visa options to find the right fit. If you are a qualifying professional, a TN Visa could be ideal. Talk to an experienced immigration law firm like Farmer Law PC to help you choose the correct Visa.

Stay In Contact With Loved Ones Back Home

Choose a social media platform to keep in touch with your loved ones. Use a reliable platform that allows instant messaging, video calls, and voice calling. Let loved ones know how they can reach you. Keep contact centralized where possible to make staying in touch easier.

Sort Out Short-Term Accommodation

Choose short-term accommodation when first relocating. Use an Airbnb, hotel, or short-term apartment while you get settled. Use this as a base while you find your feet in the US.

Get A Social Security Number

Get a social security number as soon as possible. Fill out the paperwork and provide copies of all documentation online if possible.

Learn The Local Laws

Familiarize yourself with American laws that may differ from Canadian ones. For instance, understand how and when jaywalking offenses are applicable.

Find Your New Social Circle

Visit local hangout spots to make friends. Consider going to bars, clubs, and restaurants. Many venues hold events aimed at single people making new friends or romantic relationships. Consider joining a society or club for Canadian ex-pats in the US.