Unpacking the Most Popular Video Games of the Holiday Season with Kia Malone


Did you know that over 212 million Americans play video games regularly? Join Coast to Coast as we check out some of the most popularly requested video games of the holiday season, including Assassain’s Creed: Mirage and Just Dance by Ubisoft!


A recent survey by the Entertainment Software Association has revealed that over 212 million Americans play video games regularly! That said, it’s no surprise that video games are some of the most sought-after gifts of the holiday season. 

Join Coast to Coast with Heather Dawson and Kia Malone as we check out some of the season’s most popular games and accessories, including all of the classics from Ubisoft

According to Malone, during this past holiday season, most boys (86%) and girls (59%) stated that they planned on asking for gaming-related gifts for the holidays, with the top five asks being for: 

  1. Game subscriptions
  2. Game consoles
  3. Gaming gear/accessories
  4. In-game currency
  5. Physical video games 

Some of these beloved games include Ubisoft’s latest Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, which is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the franchise, and the classic Just Dance!

There’s no better way to engage the whole family than with these fun and interactive games from Ubisoft!

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