2019 Global Gaming Expo, and Cashless Debit Systems


Inside the Sands Expo here in Las Vegas for the 2019 Global Gaming Expo better known as G2E among the industry.

Attendees had the opportunity to try out the newest slot machines, roulette wheels, table games, and even sports betting technology. We’ve all seen the wheel of fortune slots and IGT premiered their all-new Jeopardy slot machines. It also featured double jeopardy and even final jeopardy. One big difference from the game show is that players don’t have to answer the trivia questions. Play On they viewed their cashless debit system, which allows players to use their debit card when playing table games such as, blackjack roulette and even poker. Not only is it convenient for the players, but it’s also great for the casinos.

It increases their revenues, it keeps the guests in seats so they don’t have to get up go to the ATM or be an inconvenience in that fact. They can stay here at the game insert their debit card into the handheld system and if it’s approved their allocate chips. They just became approved completely as a non-restrictive full suitability manufacturer’s license and completed their field trial with Station Casinos and are branching out with the other major brands. Plus, Skechers showed off their comfortable work shoes for dealers and other casino workers who have to stand on their feet for long periods of time.

Bring you the best of California from the 2019 Global Gaming Expo.