4 Celebrity Home Styles you can Recreate


Everyone knows celebrities spend a lot of money making their homes look and feel amazing. When you have millions of dollars, you don’t think twice about hiring one of the world’s top interior designers.

You can still add plenty of style to your home even though you have the budget of an average person. Draw inspiration from the following four celebrity homes. You might not want to pay for the expensive art and handmade furniture, but you can create lovely, modern rooms that would make any celebrity feel at home.

Jennifer Aniston Makes Cozy, Elegant Homes

Jennifer Aniston became famous from her classic Friends role as Rachel Green, a young woman who learns to support herself after cutting financial ties with her wealthy family.

What would have happened if Aniston hadn’t found success as an actor? According to her, she probably would have pursued a career in design. Aniston has followed her passion for interior design by purchasing, decorating, and selling properties throughout several L.A. neighborhoods.

She puts a focus on creating cozy, elegant spaces. That’s not surprising to fans of the star. She’s known for her self-effacing sense of humor and laid-back personality.

To create the types of interior designs that Jennifer Aniston adores:

  • Mix different textiles for comfort and aesthetic appeal.
  • Choose one or two items that serve as the focal points of each room.
  • Add spaces for people to put their things so they feel like they’re visiting your home instead of a museum.

Above all, find things you appreciate. Put your expectations above everyone else’s. After all, you’re the one who lives in your home.

Tori Spelling Enjoys Her Outdoor Spaces

Tori Spelling grew up in a well-to-do family. Before she became famous as an actor on Beverly Hills 90210, she lived in Beverly Hills with her father, Aaron Spelling, a prominent television producer. Spelling’s family had money, but they also knew struggle. Tori’s grandfather immigrated to the United States from Russia and spent his life working as a tailor.

Perhaps her family’s background helps explain why Spelling devotes so much time to the outdoor spaces of her home. She enjoys gardening and hanging out in her backyard. At times, she has had pet chickens and pigs.

If you want a home like Tori Spelling’s:

  • Build a patio or deck that gives you a view of your yard while shielding you from the sun.
  • Learn to grow healthy flowers and vegetable plants.
  • Treat your yard as something to enjoy instead of a thing that demands upkeep.

When you learn to appreciate the joy of spending time outside, you will discover more ways to make outdoor living spaces that match your preferences.

Jennifer Lawrence Splits Her Time Between Two Gorgeous Homes

Like many famous actors, Jennifer Lawrence works all over the world. The Louisville native owns two properties in towns where she spends a lot of time: L.A. and New York City.

Lawrence reportedly spent about $9 million on her 3,100-square-foot Tribeca condo. Considering that she’s worth about $130 million, she could have spent a lot more on a stand-alone home.

Lawrence’s properties are all about meeting her needs. She wants comfortable places where she can read scripts and rehearse roles. She also wants homes with enough sophistication to invite famous directors, producers, and other industry types to parties.

Get a flexible interior design like Lawrence’s by:

  • Choosing comfortable furniture that provides ample seating (try a sectional sofa for great results).
  • Installing smart lights that let you control the room’s mood.
  • Creating common areas with style and elegance even when you dedicate private rooms to maximizing comfort.

Few celebrities have the talent and work ethic of Lawrence. How could you not follow her lead?

The Weeknd Goes Big for Parties

Not surprisingly, the Weeknd likes opulent rooms where people can dance to music, enjoy fancy drinks, and have the time of their lives. He used to live in a $25-million mansion bursting with amenities. When you’re a famous musician known for following your own path, you use your wealth to take advantage of every fleeting moment.

Currently, The Weeknd owns a $21-million penthouse in L.A.’s Beverly West building.

Will you ever have enough money to duplicate The Weeknd’s style? Probably not. But you can take inspiration by:

  • Choosing the finest things you can afford.
  • Making spaces where people can get together and enjoy themselves.
  • Focusing on your preferences instead of following trends.

Find Your Celebrity Style

Having millions of dollars certainly helps when you want the perfect interior design. You don’t have to spend more than you can afford, though. The most important thing is to find styles you like and do your best to imitate them.