7 Keys to Living Happy Every Day from Instagram Influencer and Author


7 Keys to Having a Magical Day

When you tell people to have a ‘Magical Day,’ they think you’re referring to Disney Land. However, you can’t really blame them. They call that venue the ‘happiest place on earth.’ People go there and pay top dollar to experience joy and bliss for a few hours. Folks often drive hours and fly across the country to get their happiness fix. People usually go there to relieve stress and anxiety. 

Then again, why not feel joy and bliss every single day? Why not go to work and experience magic? Why not live every day with the same excitement you would have as if you were going to Disney Land? 

The truth is, You Can live this type of life. You can live each day without so much worry, stress, and anxiety, and you can accomplish your goals and dreams. 

Come with me on this journey to find what billions of people in the world strive to find – Happiness. Trust me, it’s a lot easier than you think. 

I used to live my life on autopilot. I would just let things happen and let things be. If something good happened, I would say I got a lucky break. If something bad happened, I would conjure up reasons as to why, without ever having a real revelation of why. For years, I lived a vicious cycle of good days and bad days, happy days and depressed days, exciting days and boring days. However, the problem was, the happy, exciting, and magical days didn’t happen as frequently as I would have liked. 

One day, I told myself, enough is enough. I want to be happy every day. I want to experience joy and happiness daily, not just on weekends or special events like weddings, graduations, and family vacations. 

So I did research; Tons of research. I studied the lives of those who were not only successful financially, but in every area of their lives — body, soul, and mind. One of the main common denominators that I found was that their daily routine and their daily practices were a huge reason as to why they were successful. 

Then I decided to try them out for myself to see if they worked. They sure did! I went from living with very little energy to having amazing energy all throughout the day (without drinking 6 cups of coffee or 4 rock star energy drinks). I went from living check to check to having an abundance. 

I went from having ‘blah’ feelings all day to feeling an unexplainable joy throughout my day. Also, I transformed my life from a life of anxiety and worry into a life of peace and serenity. 

I want to share with you the things I do in my daily routine that have led to tremendous success in every area of my life! 

When you follow the seven simple to having a magical day, you will wake up every morning so excited to be alive. You will feel like you’re floating on air, and everything you desire will manifest in your life. Every day will be downright Magical

Here are 7 ways to have a magical day:

1. Begin Each Day with Gratitude. 

You cannot be sad and grateful at the same time. When you count your blessings, they multiply and getting yourself into a state of gratitude will attract amazing things into your life. 

2. Be a Blessing.

Every day you should aim for at least one act of kindness. It doesn’t have to be big. It can be a hug or an encouraging message to someone. When you live to be a blessing, you receive back an abundance of blessings in your own life.

3. Visualize your success.

When you visualize, you materialize. Whatever you focus on and imagine for a prolonged period of time begins to manifest. 

4. Forgive others.

You can’t live your best life and be happy when you hold on to bitterness. When you let go of the pains of yesterday, you allow today and your future to be filled with magic

5. Love yourself.

You can’t fully love others unless you love yourself. You can’t give what you don’t have. When you fall in love with you, the rest of the world will fall in love with you, too.

6. Speak it into your existence.

Words are powerful. When you speak positive words over your life on a consistent basis, they manifest. Speaking negative words also manifest, the choice is yours.

7. Dance like you already got it.

Dance to advance. Celebrate like you already have your desire. That’s what causes the universe to move people, circumstances and events to bring your desires to life. 

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