90’s Nostalgia Lives On in ‘93, the Captivating New Single From Nashville Singer/ Songwriter Kimberly Dawn


93’invites listeners to escape the day-to-day whirlwind of modern life and relive the hidden magic of a decade filled with simple joys of low-tech connection

LOS ANGELES, California – (2020): On the heels of her smash single “Nashville,” which hit streaming platforms this past spring, country artist Kimberly Dawn recently announced the release of her latest single, ‘93. With a natural gift for setting life to music, the talented singer/ songwriter and Canadian-born mother of four behind “Slow Dancin’ in the Dark” – nominated for Best Country Song at the 2019 Hollywood Music in Media Awards – has built a thriving career around honoring every moment and milestone with song. Fans of Dawn’s positive, authentic spirit will find so much to love about her latest single. In ‘93, listeners can join the Nashville-based musician on a journey through time, celebrating the hidden magic and humble joys of a simpler decade.

“I grew up listening to ‘90’s country, and to this day, I still love it,” explains Dawn of the inspiration behind the song. “With ‘93, I wanted to write about simpler times – a happy, upbeat melody that captures the same feelings, hopes, and dreams of ‘way back when’.

Once again, Dawn captivates audiences with a beautifully painted picture of the beloved moments shared by so many. Filled with ‘90’s nostalgia, ‘93 harkens back to the days of TV Guide, when popular television shows weren’t available on-demand. A time before music streaming, when teens lived for the simple and unexpected pleasure of hearing a favorite song on the radio. When Friday nights were spent hanging out at the local gas station or all-night diner, catching up on the latest gossip and trading news about the weekend party scene. 

Produced by Jeff Cohen and Zach Abend, ‘93 offers what every well-crafted song should: the precious gift of losing yourself in music. Partnering with Nashville-based songwriters Megan Barker and Greg Friia, Dawn delights listeners with an opportunity to escape the hectic whirlwind of modern-day life – even if just for a few minutes – to re-experience the passion and promise of youth. Recorded at Benchmark Sound Studio in Nashville, the song features the same talented musical team from Dawn’s upcoming EP, “Canyon Road”: Miles McPherson on drums, Justin Ostrander on electric, Tim Galloway on acoustic, Russ Pahl on steel, Tony Lucido on bass, and Dave Cohen on keys, with engineering/ mixing by Chris Utley. 

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