Get in Better Shape and Stay Healthy with Kaori Takee


Whether you want to get in better shape or stay healthy, exercise is important to maximize a healthy lifestyle and even lengthen your active life. In studio we had Los Angeles-based personal trainer Kaori Takee. Kaori is also a contributor for our show has an inspirational Instagram.

For her when it comes to being a personal trainer she wants to help inspire and motivate people, by letting them know that they can do it, they can get the body they want, they can get to a better mental space.

Kaori says that it’s most important first of all to feel healthy and feel strong because the physical aspects are very secondary to the mental health. For the hour of working out we take a break from all the stresses that life has to come with. It would be good to start off with something attainable, so if you’re going from zero to seven days a week and you’re doing an impossible standard then you might fail.

So set yourself up to something that you know you can commit to. Kaori likes to figure out what a client’s goals are, then set a gold date, because it’s nice to have a time frame to when you want to achieve that goal. So if you want to tone, you want to lose weight, or you want to just build endurance or you want to just feel healthier and then she would do an assessment.

The hardest part of going to the gym is motivating yourself to get there but when you hire a personal trainer and you’re not in the mood to go, but you know someone’s waiting for you, you’re going to go most of the time. Kaori is right there with you.

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