A Special Interview with Actor, Producer, and Writer Timothy Stack


In today’s episode, California Life’s Elise Thuresson interviews actor, writer, and producer, Timothy Stack. Over his 40 year career in the industry you may be able to recognize him in hit films like the Baywatch spoof Son of the Beach, My Name is Earl, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm,  Punky Brewster, Golden Girls, Laverne & Shirley, and Malcolm in the Middle.

After being asked how he knew he wanted to go into comedy he tells a heartwarming story about how in the first grade he received many laughs from his peers after improvising during a first grade play. He felt it was rewarding getting those laughs from his peers and found himself trying to get more and more laughs as he grew up. 

In the summer of 1979 after moving to LA, he joined the premier comedy and improv group the Groundlings, this is where he got his start. He describes his first time being with the Groundlings as a religious experience and that’s how he found out he was destined for comedy. 

He tested the waters in the acting world after the films Night Stand, Son of the Beach, and My Name is Earl. He realized that acting wasn’t for him and since he really loved comedy he stuck with it. He admitted that he has acted in more films since then, but to this day he doesn’t really think about acting anymore.