A Look Into the Life of Jaime B Haas, a Life Transformation Guide


Jaime B. Haas is an inspirational speaker, successful businesswoman, and life change coach. She has triumphed over her own obstacles to live the life she desires. Jaime was battling addiction and problems with her family when she was in her 30s. After years of therapy and personal development work, she turned to self-help systems and recovery programs for answers, but she was left feeling dissatisfied. Then, something inside of her altered, and she turned her attention from external repairs to internal healing in order to change her life. 

Jaime is now happily married and running a flourishing business that helps other people recover their power and live their best lives. Jaime has assisted numerous people in realizing their aspirations thanks to her special method of transformation that blends spirituality, counseling, and approaches for personal growth. California Life’s very own Will Armstrong was lucky enough to get an interview with her and was able to ask about her process and how it all started. 

“It all started at 40 when I had hit a series of bottoms I realized that it was a deeper problem. It was from my childhood pain and childhood programming. I realized I had to dig deeper than I ever had to before”, Haas states. 

When asked about the Jaime B Haas method she told Will she has a  complete practical process which is her method. She uses a mix of her  workbook and intuitive guidance as well as channeling. By doing this it creates many beliefs, fears, negative thinking and negative behaviors and based on that pain she shows exactly how it’s still being played out. Through this, is where the solutions can be found. 

Haas has found that being willing to see the truth and committing to the process and the work has the most permanent effect on her clients. 

After working closely with her clients many have told her that they’d wish they had found her sooner after the process has concluded. 

Jaime demonstrates that it’s never too late to make adjustments in our life that will help us achieve our objectives by telling her own narrative of overcoming challenges and achieving success on her own road of self-discovery.Where can you get more information? www.jaimebhaas.com