Anne Geddes Brings Awareness to Meningitis Vaccination


UTS2She’s best known for her whimsical images of babies. Now, world-renowned photographer Anne Geddes is is using her talents to raise awareness about the importance of getting your children vaccinated against Meningococcal Disease NOW.

The life-threatening bacterial infection spreads through close contact. The onset may look just like the flu, but then unusual symptoms start to appear, like severe headache, neck stiffness and a dark purple rash.

Recent outbreaks among college age students is causing concern in the medical community. It only takes a matter of hours before symptoms become serious. The vaccination could ultimately prevent loss of life.

cover225x225While working on her project, Protecting Our Tomorrows: Portraits of Meningococcal Disease, Geddes came face-to-face with the devastation.

“Those who survive are often left with life-long disabilities and loss of limbs,” Geddes said.

Protecting Our Tomorrows highlights survivors of the disease from around the world, as well as their families.

To learn more about Meningococcal Disease and the importance of getting vaccinated, click on our story below. And to view all of the portraits in the series, download the free iBook in the Apple iBook store.