Berry Bliss: Chef Ali Rosen’s Sweet Summer Recipes!


Alexis Linder from Coast to Coast recently chatted with Chef Ali Rosen to discuss the joys of berry season and how to incorporate these sweet treats into your summer menu.

One of Chef Ali’s favorite recipes is a spicy summer fruit salad. This dish combines berries, stone fruits, jalapeño, and mint, offering a tangy, sweet, and spicy twist that elevates any gathering. Chef Ali’s berry cobbler is a summer must-try. Using raspberries and blackberries, she combines them with cornstarch and sugar, tops with a biscuit mix, and bakes until bubbly and golden. For a portable and tasty snack, Chef Ali recommends cheesecake bars topped with berries. They’re perfect for parties or packing for a hike, offering a healthy, energy-boosting treat that travels well.

For the best berries, Chef Ali suggests choosing Driscoll’s. Known for their commitment to quality, Driscoll’s ensures their berries are at peak freshness. When shopping, inspect the packaging and trust your senses—the berries should look and smell delicious.

All these delicious recipes and more can be found on Driscoll’s website. Chef Ali’s tips and tricks are sure to make your summer gatherings even sweeter. Stay tuned for more culinary inspiration from Coast to Coast. Happy berry season!