Unraveling Alzheimer’s: A Neurologist’s Insight with Dr. Julia Schwarzbard


Lisa Spala discusses Alzheimer’s disease with Dr. Julia Schwarzbard, a neurologist specializing in Alzheimer’s research and treatment.

Dr. Schwarzbard explains that Alzheimer’s affects nearly 7 million Americans, with early diagnosis being crucial. She highlights signs to look out for, such as repeating oneself or misplacing items, and emphasizes the importance of timely diagnosis and treatment.

She discusses how abnormal protein buildup in the brain leads to Alzheimer’s symptoms and mentions new medications that may slow down the disease’s progression. Dr. Schwarzbard stresses the need to overcome barriers to testing, as some patients may lack insight into their condition.

In closing, Dr. Schwarzbard directs listeners to the Alzheimer’s Association’s website for more information. Alzheimer’s is a challenging disease, but with early detection and treatment, there is hope for improved outcomes. Stay informed and seek help if you notice any symptoms in yourself or a loved one.