Best Healthcare Benefits for Veterans


The Medicare annual election period is important for everyone including our nation’s veterans and with one month left until the end of this year’s enrollment period David Wiley talks to the director of the veteran’s channel for Humana on how to maximize health benefits before the new year.

Medicare open enrollment is going on now through December 7th and this is the time Medicare recipients can reevaluate their coverage for the coming year. It’s an important time for everyone on Medicare including our nation’s veterans but, oftentimes open enrollment can be confusing especially for veterans who have VA healthcare benefits. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there about VA health care, Medicare and Medicare Advantage and one of those is that the VA health care or the medic Advantage plan or Medicare would conflict with the benefits that a veteran received through the VA that is not the case. The veteran can have both, they can use the VA system for all of their healthcare needs or they can choose the option to go out to the Medicare Advantage Network and get services out there. They don’t conflict with one another but they operate essentially side-by-side and while there are many Medicare Advantage plans available there are some that are specifically designed with veterans in mind.

The Humana auto Medicare Advantage plan is one of those plans designed to give veterans the option of using their VA coverage but also using providers in a Medicare Advantage network, it has a robust dental coverage as well as access to Urgent Care and the premium is a $0 premium. The Humana plan allows veterans to continue to get their prescriptions filled through the VA and provides access to urgent care centers as well as a robust dental plan but, it’s important to realize that everyone has different health care needs and different budgets to deal with those medical needs so it’s vital you do your research. At the Humana website they’re able to get access to a licensed agent and talk directly over the phone with somebody, who can understand what their health care needs are, their financial situation is and help them explore the options that they have.

With the December 7th open enrollment deadline quickly approaching, now is the time to get the information you need to make the best decision for yourself. Important information for veterans on Medicare can be found at and at