Best of California


On our Easter show, “California Life” host Heather Dawson shares some of the best headlines in California with us.

Statewide, the best headline is about a new “greater efficiency” experiment going on at the University of California.

The University of California system is undergoing a new experiment toward greater efficiency. To adapt to cutbacks, the UC’s Commission on the Future is offering some changes: more online courses, a 3-year plan to earn a Bachelor’s Degree, and greater acceptance of out-of-state students who can pay higher fees.

In San Diego, the headline involves veterans and SegWays during a ceremony at the Midway Museum.

Some San Diego veterans are getting around the city in style, thanks to a recent donation from a disability right’s organization. 17 Vets were awarded SegWays by Segs4Vets during a special ceremony at the Midway Museum.

In Bakersfield, Chevron gas company is donating money to help others.

Instead of paying big at the pump, one gas company is donating big bucks to help others. Chevron awarded Cal State Bakersfield half a million dollars to help increase training for individuals with roots in Kern County in the fields of math, science, technology and engineering.

One of the world’s most beautiful colleges is (obviously) located in California. The best headline from Santa Cruz tells us which college!

Forbes has listed UC Santa Cruz as one of the world’s most beautiful colleges. Palo Alto’s Stanford and Claremont’s Scripps College were also among the top picks.