Bullet Train’s Andrea Muñoz Talks Bad Bunny, Brad Pitt, & More!


California Life’s Elise Thuresson was pleased to interview the Columbian-born bilingual actress Andrea Muñoz.

Starring alongside Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Joey King, Bad Bunny, and others, Andrea plays Bad Bunny’s wife in the upcoming Sony Pictures Action Thriller Bullet Train (2022).

Andrea Muñoz grew up in Columbia. She went to college to be a psychologist, got her degree, worked for a year, and then realized she was not happy.

“I was always in the drama club in high school.”

She also stars in Pam & Tommy! Check her club scene here.

After landing a role in Pam & Tommy (2022), Andrea admits she was ‘intimidated’ working with Sebastion Stan and Lily James. Those feelings quickly faded as soon as she met Sebastion, who she describes as ‘the sweetest guy.’

She had wrapped up filming Bullet Train when Sebastion first introduced himself on the set of Pam & Tommy. He walked over to her and said, ‘Hello, Miss Bullet Train!’ That kind of acknowledgment from a prominent actor meant much to Andrea.

As it turns out, Pam & Tommy would not be the last role with big-time actors for Andrea! When asked about working alongside A-List stars like Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock, Andrea responded it felt ‘unreal’ for the longest time. Believe it or not- it was the first job she had ever booked!

In the thriller, Andrea loves her sequence. Because it’s an action film, there’s a lot of comedy. This is why the romantic montage is so beautifully tragic, giving more taste to the film.

Check out our full interview with Andrea Muñoz below.