California Life | 495

Airing: Episode 495, Week of Saturday, June 1

This week we’re going green! Sadly, you can still find litter along our streets, beaches, and even our yards. But as Brent Weber tells us, there is an amazing effort being made to keep California beautiful, and it starts with our kids. Help keep California clean by learning more at

In honor of World Environment Day on June 5th, California Life got some helpful tips from Laura Dellutri to help you clean up your energy supply. Checkout Vivint Solar to discuss the options for your home.

California Life’s Monique Sultani got the chance to visit Fiscalini Farms located in Modesto, California, and the home of the world’s best cheddar cheese. See why the company continues to get cheese awards (like Oprah’s O list) and how they make their product from field to food.   

Next, California Life’s Jennifer Quinonez profiles one man’s experience in the music industry and tells us it’s his passion for music, his instinct to take chances, and good ole’ fashioned hard work that’s made him stand out above the rest. Find out more about Andy Factor, the independent music label he created, Everloving Records, and the impressive artist he discovered.

Discover the latest trends and some helpful suggestions in technology from Carly Knobloch, a Tech Lifestyle Expert. For more information check out

Looking for a Father’s Day or recent Grad gift? Mario Armstrong, a Digital Lifestyle Expert, has picked out some of his favorite items that will be great gifts. Find out more at

Plus, listen to what award-winning songwriters have to say about their collaboration on “Speechless,” the original new song from Disney’s “Aladdin.”

There’s a reason to be optimistic with some new therapies out there helping those with advanced melanoma. See what those therapies are and learn more at

Dr. Jeffrey Sugarman, dermatologist and UC San Francisco professor, shares his insight on how to deal with a type of eczema, atopic dermatitis– a common condition many teens deal with similar to acne.

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