California Life HD Episode 600


This week on California Life with Heather Dawson  we take you on a tour of the luxury hotels in the quaint town of Claremont, and then we head over to Puerto Vallarta for some breathtaking views of the “Jewel of the Ocean.”

Grapes are one of the most popular crops in the world. In the beverage industry, grapes are traditionally used to make wine, while grains are used to make liquor, but a French distiller is introducing a unique gin made with grapes and vine blossoms to create what many are calling a game changer. Come with G’vine as we take you to the recent launch of Floraison gin in Los Angeles.

Then, if you’re looking for flawless skin in a flash, we’ve got the perfect product: Dermaflash! Come along as we talk to the creator.

Meet West Point Grad & Entrepreneur Bill Higgs, co-founder of Mustang Engineering— one the most successful engineering firms in the world. Bill tells us how the “Mustang Way” took him from zero to $1 Billion 

Plus, we’re excited to have Wellness Advocate Berto Calkins here to share the details of how families can access healthy, affordable foods with Amazon before, during and after the holiday season. 

People with medicare have a lot to consider before December 7. Choosing the right healthcare plan can be overwhelming when you look at all the choices. original Medicare covers the basics, but an advantage plan can offer extras such as transportation benefits or prescription drug coverage. Learn how you can make an educated choice with a medicare expert.

All this and more, airing now on California Life HD