California Life Shows You a New Solution for Removing Unwanted Ink


Tattoos are a popular form of

But according to a recent survey by Syneron Candela, nearly 7 million adults nationwide have unwanted ink.

Tattoo removal has historically been a lengthy and painful process, but the new PicoWay laser is changing that.

The PicoWay pulses, or hits the skin, at a picosecond, which is one trillionth of a second.

Dermatologist Dr. Andrew Menkes told California Life the advantage of such a short pulse is that it doesn’t generate any heat, so there’s little chance of scarring and it heals very quickly.

“It hurts a little bit,” Dr. Menkes said, “but again, if you think of your skin being hit for one trillionth of a second by a laser beam, or by anything for that matter, it’s such a short duration of time that there’s very little pain generated.”

More importantly, Dr. Menkes said, the PicoWay laser gets results.

For much more on the PicoWay and to hear from a patient, be sure to watch our story below!