California Life Shows You Some Ways to Avoid the Dreaded Daily Grind


images-2Stress kills, and according to a new survey from Mars Drinks, as summer passes, the daily grind is dreaded by 40 percent of working Americans.

“There’s no point to go back to work being stressed,” Xavier Unkovic, Global President for Mars Drinks, told California Life‘s Brent Weber.

“So let’s do things differently, let’s rethink our daily grind, and as business owners, or managers, bring something different than stress to our people.”

The survey confirms 4 out of 10 Americans dread returning to work after the Labor Day holiday. Unkovic stresses that companies should allow and encourage workers to start their days casually, encouraging a more relaxed and sharing environment that can then aid productivity throughout the day. images-1

“It’s better to have a meeting around a coffee machine and in a coffee chat environment, than in a closed place with a very formal way. Believe me, you’re more productive.”

Mars Drinks has taken what was learned in the survey and created a website dedicated to offering strategies for rethinking the daily grind and tips to get inspired, organized, better manage time and stay connected.

To hear more from Unkovic, check out Weber’s story by clicking on the video below!