California Life Sits Down with Ireland’s Minister of Tourism


California Life with Leloba Seitshiro sits down with Ireland’s Minister of Tourism- Leo Varadkar.

Minister Leo Varadkar attended a luncheon in Los Angeles to promote tourism in his country, and encourage Americans to look outside their borders.

Ireland has it all. From the haunting beauty of the pure, unspoiled landscapes and the drama of the coastline, to the urban buzz of the country’s dynamic cities, mixed with the magic of thousands of years’ worth of culture and history.

Ireland is home to some of the friendliest people in the world, in fact 4 out of every 5 people asked say Ireland is in their list of top 5 places to visit. And the Island of Ireland is closer than ever, approximately six hours from the US and with 5 airlines now flying directly to Ireland – getting there has never been easier.

From the fire of the festival to the lure of the literature, Ireland boasts a rich tapestry of arts and cultural activities including world renowned museums and art galleries. With lots of water, coastlines and crashing waves, Ireland has impressed many surfers.

Many fine historical establishments showcase contemporary interior design and sophisticated elegance.

With a culinary landscape boasting exquisite home-grown ingredients from the sea to the land, top chefs and world-class restaurants will delight the food lover.

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