Can’t Afford Dental Care? We Have Options


Let’s face it- everything costs more these days.

When it comes to dental care, a recent survey shows that rising out-of-pocket costs are preventing patients from accessing the important and necessary dental care they want and need. 

Bobbi Rebell, Certified Financial Planner, is no stranger to the scary costs of dental care.

“The survey showed that 58% of people feel Dental Care is unaffordable. 75% of those without insurance feel it’s unaffordable to have Dental Care. For the average family or couple, it costs over $95,000 dollars for a lifetime of dental care- not including braces or dental implants.”

Bobbi Rebell, Certified Financial Planner

Dental issues are not something you want to ignore.

Studies show dental health can be tied to other health issues. It’s connected to everything: our physical, mental, emotional, and financial health.

“Financial wellness is so important these days, and I don’t want people to be putting off dental care because they’re afraid of how they will pay for it.”

Bobbi Rebell, Certified Financial Planner

Since dental health is key to overall health, what can we do to financially prepare for out-of-pocket dental care needs or dental emergencies? 

Bobbi says for long-term preparation we want to have emergency funds. Set aside money specifically for dental care, so when we need specific needs, we are more motivated to save our money.

Synchrony offers things such as money market funds and high yield savings so clients can get a really good return.

For many Americans, now is a great time to review your work benefits. It’s open enrollment so pay attention to your flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts. Those can allow you to do pre-tax savings to pay for things such as dental needs.

What if you have a dental emergency and don’t have a way to pay for it?

Bobbi says there are consumer-friendly options.

Look into a health wellness card like Care Credit. With Care Credit, you can get promotional financing options. For example, you may qualify if you have deferred interest payments, which is important in a higher interest rate environment.

You may also have plans that allow you to fit your budget to make payments easily. For example, you could spread payments over time.

To get more tools and resources to pay for dental care, visit where you can read more on this survey and the compelling information that helps you focus on your dental health and financial well-being.