Introducing a new healing and relaxing spa, Quantum Clinic


Quantum Clinic is providing spa treatment through a pioneering model of preventative health. Recently named one of LA’s best spas, by spa and beauty today. Quantum’s unique treatments are designed to promote healing through stress reduction and relaxation.

Co-founder of Quantum Clinic Dr. Katelyn Lehman says she really wanted to create a safe space for healing and offer a service that they knew had all of the wonderful benefits that come with the healing spa. It’s very important to them that people have a peaceful and relaxing experience.

With emphasis on psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being, Quantum Clinic offers evidence-based treatments, including biofeedback training, healing frequency, and flotation rest therapy.

Flotation therapy has been around since the 1950s, but the technology for the spaces and the tanks have greatly improved since that time. What Dr. Lehman wanted to do was to position it as a legitimate preventative therapy care intervention.

Floating is still in a new market, but it’s making it into the world with professional athletes. The Dodgers and the Cubs have both installed these devices and its shown potential to help athletes relax after being so tense for upcoming games.