See Beetlejuice the Musical!


Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetle…

Do not, under any circumstances, repeat that name three times. What exactly do you want to do? See Beetlejuice the Musical while you still can at the San Diego Civic Theatre.

This performance is a total blast. Based on the cult classic late 1980s film of the same name, when emo-teen Lydia (Isabella Esler) discovers the freshly deceased prior occupants, Barbara (Britney Coleman) and Adam (Will Burton), attempting to haunt her new house, what ensues is a lot of singing, dancing, and nether-worldly fun. Lydia’s widower father, Charles (Jesse Sharp), is a developer who plans to zhoozh up their land and make it into a model home for a planned gated community with the assistance of his crazy life-coach/lover, Delia (Kate Marilley).

Lydia has plans of her own. She want to return to the house where they lived when her mother was still living. So she joins forces with the nice dead couple to scare her father and Delia away. Unfortunately, the trio isn’t all that frightening, prompting Lydia to strike a bargain with the devil. She summons Beetlejuice (Justin Collette), a witty, burnt-out, lewd-talking, striped-pajama-wearing demon who goes much too far.

The show was outrageously entertaining from start to finish! The majority of the audience at the theatre dressed up like Beetlejuice. The scenery and lighting were just as vivid and energetic as the singing and dancing. The audience was in laughter at the end of the fast-paced 2 1/2-hour show, and they rose to their feet for a loud standing ovation.

Enjoy the classic musical of Beetlejuice! Tickets are on sale now!