Celebrate California Life’s 10th Anniversary By Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane and Learn More About Electric Vehicles, Essential Oils, and More! CLHD|Ep. 500


California Life with Heather Dawson has been bringing you the best of California for 10 years! 

In honor of CLHD’s 500th episode, we’re going to take a look back at our top stories. After being named Top 50 California YouTube Channels by Feedspot, we decided to let the viewers be the judge from the last decade. 

For Twitter, based on retweets, the most popular episode features Opioid Dangers, a profile on Sacramento Rivercats, the best pinot wine, and summer style with Lo from Laguna Beach

Most impressions on Pinterest.

This cute style post on Pinterest has the most impressions.

CLHD’s most popular Instagram post is all about Disney, along with the Facebook share. 

The top spotlight travel story with Wes Parker brought us the good life with Palm Springs

Then, check out behind the scenes making of Beauty and the Beast Broadway for The Disney Dream’s cruise line

The interview that trended the best, over the last decade, is with singing sensation Vikki Car

Plus, electric vehicles used to be a rare sight, but new models are expected to hit the market in coming years, giving the consumer more choices than ever. 

Essential Oils.

Essential oils seem to be changing everything – from healthcare to how you clean your kitchen. But what are they exactly, how are they supposed to work, and how do you know which ones to choose? Discover the answers in this episode.

Then, celebrity interior designer, Nate Berkus, says home is where the heart is, but for many people living with the leading cause of blindness worldwide, age-related muscular degeneration, being at home can pose huge challenges. Find great design tips and key principles at MyHomeInsightKit

Getting kids ready for the new school year can be costly and cut into family finances. Coinstar recently conducted a survey of parents and found that they’re stressed about back-to-school and many are finding creative ways to cover the costs.

Finally, the top YouTube video on CLHD’s channels from 2012 and it’s still trending today is Mirabella Petruzzi and Ava Thuresson singing “Better in Stereo” together. 

Ava and Mirabella sing “Better in Stereo” Acapella

Thanks for going down memory lane with us on our 500th episode and 10 years of California Life.

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