Smart Charging with Electric Vehicles Can Save Money and the Environment.


Electric vehicles used to be a rare sight, but new models are expected to hit the market in coming years giving consumers more choices than ever. As we learn in this report, advances are making electric vehicles more attractive for the typical motorist. Find out why in this segment.

Pumping gas could be a thing of the past. Newer versions of electric vehicles (EV) are about to go farther than ever on a single charge, which makes the cars more appealing to drivers. 

Preston Roper, GM North American E-Mobility Enel X, says that EV’s are faster, cheaper to operate and have the longest range they’ve ever had. 

Cooper’s company focuses on smart charging. Electric vehicles owners should time the charging when the cost is the lowest, and when the cleanest energy is on the grid, like solar and wind. 

Smart charging helps people save money on energy and drives down the cost of operating an emission-free electric vehicle. 

To learn more about smart charging, visit EnelX website.