Essential Oils: from “Home Remedy” to Multi-Billion Dollar Industry


Essential oils are now at the forefront of everything from holistic therapy to natural home products. Whether its head tension or sleep, everyday stress or occasional anxiety from your day to day activities, more people are turning to essential oils to help. But what are they exactly, how are they supposed to work and how do you know which ones to choose?

Wellness expert and healthy living advocate, Dr. Lindsey Elmore, says essential oils are nothing more than concentrated extracts of plants. Humans are drawn to them because the sense of smell is very deeply ingrained in an ancient portion of our brain that helps to govern our emotions. 

As consumer preference for natural ingredients in healthcare, beauty, and cleaning products has surged, essential oils companies have stepped in with solutions…and business is booming.

Dr. Lindsey Elmore trusts in Young Living products because of the seed to seal commitment. The commitment is to unmatched quality. 

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Also, Dr. Lindsey Elmore is available LIVE via satellite from the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City to discuss how this rapidly growing field is changing the way Americans live, including: 

  • Simple ways to incorporate natural products into daily routines
  • Why sourcing and processes matter when selecting oils- what does “pure” really mean and how does science play into it?
  • How Young Living is preparing for a sustainable future