Nate Berkus’s Top Design Tips to Help People with Changing Vision Navigate Their Home


Through his design work, Nate Berkus has transformed countless homes around the world. Now, the celebrity designer is working to help people with changing vision preserve their independence at home.

Berkus teamed up with Novartis to do the campaign My Home Insight, where he takes 25 years of his experience in interior design and applies the principles he learned to people with changing vision. 

Nate Berkus.

Age-related macular degeneration can deprive people of their ability to perform basic activities. AMD is the leading cause of blindness worldwide in people over the age of 65, with the majority of blindness in these cases due to wet AMD.[ii] Wet AMD can deprive people of their ability to perform basic activities and translate into the loss of their independence.

Berkus says simple changes around the home can make a big impact on safety, without sacrificing style. Berkus said you need things that help define where things are and keep the home very organized. 

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