Chef team from Fo’Cheezy Twisted Meltz launch charity called No Kid 86’d


Less than a year after serving their first menu item from the Fo’Cheezy food truck, celebrity Chef Robert Hesse and Chef Craig Munroe have officially launched their charity No Kid 86’d, aiming to make a difference in the local community by offering at-risk youth a chance to thrive.

Fo’Cheezy, which operates a restaurant in St. Pete Beach, a food truck throughout the Tampa Bay area, and has plans to open another brick-and-mortar location in the coming months, is the source of the charitable funds. Donations can currently be made in the store, at the food truck or over the phone.

“It’s been looming over me for years, that I am forever indebted to pay it forward. Someone, at one point saw something in me and I want to offer that same support to those who may be struggling,” said Hesse, cofounder of Fo’Cheezy Twisted Meltz. “No one will be taken off the menu, or 86’d if we can help.”

“I personally interviewed over 20 charities,” said Munroe, cofounder of Fo’Cheezy Twisted Meltz. “After considering how the funds would be allocated and formulating our vision of how we can reinvest in the community, Robert and I decided it’s best we do this on our own.”

In part, it’s because of Hesse’s experience and the chances he was given, following his own rough upbringing. His adolescence involved selling crack, struggling with homelessness and stints in jail, which he overcame to become a successful business owner, focused on giving back. Hesse believes he owes his success to that one act of someone seeing the value in him.

“We want to offer that same opportunity to as many people as we can,” said Hesse.

Currently the charity serves by offering food drops to struggling communities, toy donations and back-to-school supply drives. Additionally, No Kid 86’d helps by creating jobs and providing culinary training to those with criminal records

“You’d be surprised at the amount of work ethic you’ll find in a convicted felon. They bring street smarts and drive to the team,” said Hesse.

Currently, Fo’Cheezy contributes 2 percent of their revenue towards the charity and has been doing so since they opened in March of 2020

According to Hesse, one quote that he lives by, that has been passed down from Chef Marco Pierre White to Chef Gordon Ramsay, to now including the team at Fo’Cheezy and No Kid 86’d is, “it’s your responsibility to make a dream come true or it’s just a dream.”

Fo’Cheezy Twisted Meltz is located at 6305 Gulf Blvd. St. Pete Beach FL, 33706. Fo’Cheezy is open 7-days-a-week, Thursday-Sunday, from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m., Friday-Saturday, from 11 a.m. until 3 a.m.