New Survey Reveals How the Pandemic Has Affected Our Weight


In a new study conducted by personal trainer and nutritionist Rachel Attard, we find how the pandemic has really affected women’s fitness.

Throughout the many rounds of pandemic lockdowns, we have been engulfed in the virtual world.  Among the online meetings, virtual classes, and binge watching of different shows, how have we really been doing regarding exercise and nutrition?  Rachel Attard conducted a survey of 2, 398 women from the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom to address that very question.

Weight Change

Overall, 36 percent of respondents gained weight, with the majority being from the U.K. and Australia.  Conversely, 26.1 percent of the overall respondents managed to lose weight during lockdown (mostly from the U.K.), due to having more time to focus on exercise and proper nutrition.  Additionally, of the women from the U.S., 30.8 percent claimed their weight stayed about the same, 27.9 percent gained up to 10 pounds, and 18.4 percent lost up to 10 pounds. 


When it comes to nutrition, 25.3 percent of the women from the U.S. along with 28 percent of the women from Australia claimed that their diet had been less healthy due to snacking more frequently.  However, 28.4 percent of the respondents from the U.K. reported that their eating habits were much healthier, as they had more time to cook their own meals while working from home.


The survey also revealed that the main hardships of exercising at home were lack of motivation (25.3 percent), adjusting to maintaining an at-home routine (22.3 percent), and low energy/negative thinking along with loneliness (12.1 percent).  Surprisingly, 49.7 percent of respondents said that they would not return to the gym, as they enjoy the online classes and programs from home.  Also, 21.4 percent said they would not return, but because they fear places with too many people.  Through these difficult times we have experienced during this pandemic, we will now see where the future of fitness will take us.

Rachel Attard

Rachel Attard is a fully qualified group fitness and personal trainer. She has a Cert III and IV in Fitness, a Bachelor of Science and a Sports Nutrition Certificate.

Her real passion is helping women discover how to live happier and healthier lives by making the right fitness and nutrition choices. Above all, she’s a real fitness enthusiast and loves to share her secrets to looking good and feeling great with any women out there who are struggling to get in shape.

She has bundled all her knowledge into her Lean Legs Ebook that covers nutrition and workout guidelines for each individual body type to help readers achieve their body goals. She also regularly writes blog posts to help educate readers on how to lead a healthier life. Check out her blog or follow her on Instagram to check out her clients’ progress.

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