Los Angeles Film Shoot

Choose the Los Angeles Fashion District as the Next Film Shoot


In Downtown Los Angeles you can find what is known as the fashion district or garment district. It is a major business district that has over 4,000 independent retail and wholesale shops that sell fabric, clothing, footwear, and accessories in 107 blocks.

But the fashion district is more than just shopping. There are a variety of fantastic places for a film shoot, depending on what kind of film you are planning. 

Scouting for the perfect spot can be difficult but in LA, there are always unique spots that will fit the bill perfectly. But how do you choose the perfect spot for a film shoot in the Los Angeles Fashion District?

Behind the Hollywood sign
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Visit the sights yourself.

Even if your top cinematographer tells you a place is perfect, you have to see it for yourself to be sure. You cannot go by what someone else thinks because everyone has a different view of things. 

You also cannot go by how perfect the spot looks online. While it is convenient to choose and book a site online without having to see it in person, it may be a mistake if the venue is not what you are looking for. After all, it is more than just how the area looks, it is about the feel of the place.

Be sure that the spot is available if you are shooting in a public space. You will need to get a permit from the city or county depending on where you are shooting. Other things you should consider when choosing a good film shoot location include:

  • Bathrooms
  • Electrical hookups
  • Lighting
  • Nearby restaurants and stores
  • Parking spaces
  • Sound
  • Water
  • Wheelchair accessible (if needed)
  • Wi-Fi

You also have to consider that background noise can greatly affect your film shoot. You do not want a lot of noisy traffic or crowds to make your shoot impossible. Even when you are trying to shoot a crowded scene, it is best for the crowd to be your own so you can control the noise factor.

On the set with Gordon Cowie Films
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Credit: Gordon Cowie on Unsplash

Top five spots in the Los Angeles fashion district.

Now that you know how to pick the best spots for a film shoot, here are the top five spots you may like:

1. Santee Alley

Santee Alley is a public marketplace with over 150 stores packed into a single corridor. Filled with vibrantly colored clothing, gifts, toys, and other items, the alley has made a name for itself as the most popular shopping area in the LA Fashion District. From the 12th Craft party supply store to Zafran Perfumes, you will surely find the perfect spot for your shoot.

2. City Market Social House

This fantastic warehouse space has room for all kinds of shots so you could possibly film an entire movie in this one spot. The Social House has been a film location for Germany’s Next Top Model as well as commercial shoots for Nissan, GM, Chevy, and Netflix. With huge open spaces and high ceilings, this could be just what you need. Here are some specs:

  • 17 restrooms
  • Built-in bar
  • Exposed brick walls
  • Full kitchen
  • Green rooms
  • High-speed fiber internet
  • Loading docks
  • Nine garage doors
  • Plenty of AC power
  • Truss ceilings
  • Vehicle display access

3. St. Joseph Church

The historical St. Joseph Church founded by Franciscan friars in 1889 was rebuilt in 1987. With the Baptismal front and altar screen from the salvaged church that was ravaged by a fire in 1983, the church retains its stunning architecture. 

The neogothic woodwork and contemporary paintings by Gino Piccooil make the building a fantastic spot for a religious ceremony shot or any other type of shoot you can think of. 

4. Michael Vincent Academy

For a totally unique film shoot, why not choose the number one beauty school in the world. Michael Vincent Academy has been featured in many venues like the Grammy Awards. GQ, and many movie sets. In fact, they can even help with makeup preparation for your shoot. 

5. Mad Muse Studios

This is an official filming location with 4,000 square feet of open space. Mad Muse also offers a lounge with a kitchen, production office, restrooms, Softbox and LED lights, and even musical instruments available for rent.

The acoustics are outstanding, and they even have a professional recording studio. Some of the previous clients include:

  • Apple Music
  • Atlantic
  • Carpool Karaoke
  • CBS
  • Fox
  • Guitar Center
  • Kobalt
  • Nike
  • NPR
  • Sony
  • Universal
  • Warner Music Group

What you need to know.

Regardless of where you choose to shoot in the fashion district, do not forget that you will need to ask for permission as well as procure permits. Whether you are shooting in the park, on the street, or in one of the venues above, you will need to obtain the right permits before you begin.