Clay Walker’s Battle with Multiple Sclerosis and Charity “Band Against MS”


More than 2 million people are affected by multiple sclerosis (MS), and now one country music legend is speaking out to give back to others living with the same condition. California Life’s Georgette Copes takes us to the Avalon Beverly Hills Hotel for this intimate interview with Clay Walker.

Watch this segment to learn about Clay Walker’s battle with multiple sclerosis and his mission to raise awareness.

Singing, life on the road, and television are all a part of Clay’s active lifestyle. He also stars in the movie, Alone Yet Not Alone, as the main character’s love interest.

Clay has a passion for helping others in the MS community, which lead to his foundation charity, Band Against MS, that raises money for awareness and a cure.

Clay has gone 16 years without a relapse. He thought MS was going to rob him of his joy to love fully and live fully. However, he says he has a better life since he was diagnosed with MS.

Check out Clay’s foundation Band Against MS and learn more about the disease here.