Coinstar Dishes Out Dirty Little Secrets For the Holiday Season


The Holidays can be a stressful time of year, especially if money is tight. Coinstar locations are scattered all around us to deliver holiday shoppers a relief this year. Once you find a nearby Coinstar Machine, you can turn your random jars of change into holiday spending money.

This is a wonderful alternative to breaking the bank this year. The holiday season is meant to evoke peace and joy, so using spare change to afford holiday gifts is a great option. In most cases, participants find that the jar of change sitting inconspicuously at home may have greater value than you realize.

In a survey conducted by Coinstar, the company that turns Loose Change into Cash found that 65% of people regift during the holidays, but only 19% feel guilty about it. This can be attributed to financial standings around the holiday season. Many people are struggling to afford necessities so it can be difficult to expand the budget around this time of year.

Check out the segment below to find out more Dirty Little Secrets that Coinstar Survey’s discovered about our friends and family during the holidays! And, be sure to exchange your loose change at your local Coinstar.