Come from Away actress Sharone Sayegh shares how she brought her newborn son on tour


Come From Away, the La Jolla Playhouse-born musical has been a Broadway hit since 2017, returns now a Tony-winner.

Entertainment reporter Will Armstrong had the pleasure of interviewing actress Sharone Sayegh, who plays “Bonnie.”

The Canadian musical is actually based on real events from the Newfoundland town of Gander.

After the September 11 attacks, 38 planes carrying around 7,000 passengers were ordered to land in Newfoundland unexpectedly.

The characters of the musical are based and named after real Gander residents and the stranded travelers they had to take into their homes for five days.

It’s an uplifting story that showcases the capacity of human kindness, even in the darkest of times.

“It’s really special. Especially after the pandemic, audiences are resonating with it even more. It’s a story about people opening up their hearts and their homes to strangers.”

Sharone Sayegh, “Bonnie”

The actress herself is often moved by the audiences’ reactions to the story, reminding her of the first time she heard the story.

Sharone was able to meet quite a few of the real people, giving her that first-hand perspective. While she never met the woman her role “Bonnie” is based on, Sharone hopes to meet her someday.

Sharone with husband and son, December 2021

Not only is Sharone a touring actress, singer, and dancer, but during the pandemic- while the rest of us were making sourdough bread and TikToks– she became a mother.

“It’s a lot,” Sharone shared with Will, “It’s very fulfilling. While having a baby during the pandemic, we decided to go back on tour when he was about three and a half months.”

Having a baby on tour meant they experienced a lot of his “firsts” all around the country.

He took his first steps in Memphis, crawled for the first time in Chicago, and ate his first food in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

With the help of her tour family and crew, Sharone said it was overall a “lovely community experience.”