Olay and Walmart are teaming up to celebrate every mother


In a continued effort to support moms all year round, Olay Body and Walmart have teamed up with Every Mother Counts in a new promotion to support maternal care.

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Lifestyle Expert Carmen Ordonez sits down to share how Every Mother Counts is working with these companies to create powerful changes for moms everywhere and work toward safe pregnancies.

Every Mother Counts is a non-profit dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe, equitable, and respectful for every mother everywhere.

People don’t realize that 800 women die globally due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth. That’s one women every two minutes. These could have been prevented.

Carmen Ordonez, Beauty & Lifestyle Expert.

Every Mother Counts is working hard to change those numbers, aided in part by support thanks to programs such as Olay Body.

Olay Body is donating one dollar for every Olay body lotion, hand wash, and body wash with hyaluronic acid purchases at Walmart.

The Olay Body & Walmart promotion includes a variety of skin care products. The collection is infused with ingredients that’s going to leave the skin silky and smooth.

The Olay Cleansing & Nourishing Body Wash with Vitamin B3 and Hyaluronic Acid helps quench thirsty skin. This product gives long-lasting hydration.

The Olay Nourishing & Hydrating Hand and Body Lotion with Hyaluronic Acid replenishes the skin and deeply moisturizes.

The Olay Nourishing Liquid Hand Wash with Vitamin B3 + Hyaluronic Acid gives 24-hours of moisture and visibly healthy hands, while washing away germs.

All of the products in the promotion are made with the prestige skin care ingredient hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid retains moisture like a magnet, and can retain up to a thousand times its weight in moisture, leaving every mother’s skin silky smooth.

As a mom myself, I really love to see programs making a difference for moms everywhere especially when it comes to maternal care.

Carmen Ordonez, Beauty & Lifestyle Expert.