Dr. busso and his famous technique, the “bussolyft”


Dr. Mariano Busso is a world-renowned dermatologist who created the “Bussolyft”, which is a unique technique that is noninvasive and lifts the face without having to have surgery.

Dr. Busso explains how botox has become much more accepted over the years. It is a very hot topic right now with the advancing technology because it allows more experimenting with different techniques, like the “Bussolyft“. In the “Bussolyft” procedure, Dr. Busso repositions the fat onto the face to whatever location seems to be needed.

“One of the world’s leading experts in cosmetic fillers” Dr. Busso was honored to be a part of the FDA advisory panel developing national guidelines for the use of cosmetic fillers.

Physicians from all over the US and the world have been trained by Dr. Busso in fillers and Botox techniques. After years of experience working with threads and fillers, he has developed the BUSSOLYFT™.

The BUSSOLYFT™ removes dark circles and can be combined with threads to reduce jowls using a unique technique developed using his decades of experience with threads and fillers. His technique is a game-changer in rejuvenation.

Bussolyft Before/After

Scheduling appointments can be very intimidating, but when scheduling with Dr. Busso, you will meet him for the very first appointment and he will go over everything step by step. Dr. Busso explains how this is part of the procedure because it builds trust and relationships with the patients.

This allows there to be an understanding with the patient on what they will be comfortable with so that he can properly tailor to their needs.