Dr. Zein Obaji’s tips to flawless skin

Dr. Zein Obaji

Whether you’re looking to reverse your age or get flawless skin then you might know about world-renowned Dr. Zein Obagi. His name is synonymous with skin rejuvenation. California Life’s Georgette Copes got the opportunity to talk with the legendary doctor about the TRUE secrets to flawless skin.

Dr. Zein Obaji is passionate about helping patients look and feel their best. He decided to extend his skincare line to the public to help people maintain healthy skin.

Here are some tips to invigorate your skin and maintain that healthy glow:

Dr. Monika Kiripolsky
  1. Sun protection is key. Make sure to use sunblock every day.
  2. If you’re in your 20s, add a topical retinoid or a vitamin A derivative to your skincare routine.
  3. If you’re in your 30s or 40s, along with a good skincare regimen, Dr. Monika Kiripolsky recommends starting Botox and fillers. (The key is to help patients look younger, and not look like they’ve had something done.)

Check out Dr. Obaji’s skincare line available online and in many dermatologist offices: ZO Skin Health and ZO Skin Medical at https://zoskinhealth.com/.