Drop A Few Pounds in Time for the Holiday’s with Ultrashape


If you’ve tried every diet and exercise around, but still can’t get rid of a few stubborn pounds, there’s a great new solution that will have you fitting back into your skinny jeans in less than a month.

It’s called Ultrashape, and it’s gaining in popularity among doctors who specialize in weight loss advances and their patients.

Ultrashape is a non-surgical alternative to targeting the areas that have been resistant to traditional methods of weight loss. The technology uses ultrasound waves to destroy fat in just three virtually painless treatments.

Doctors David Amron and Jason Emer of Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills began offering Ultrashape to their patients earlier this year. Dr. Amron says UltraShape does more for his patients than just improve their appearance.

“This technology targets their stubborn areas and corrects them many times makes such an improvement that it gets them on the right track…to doing their part in things,” he says.

Want to more about Ultrashape and how it can work for you? Check out the video below as California Life’s Tiffany Carter introduces us to a couple who allows us to document their first Ultrashape treatment inside the offices of Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery.