Everything You Need to Know About Bridgerton Season Two


Let’s talk about the media sensation- Bridgerton.

The wait is over! Bridgerton Season 2 is giving fans a good reason to stay home with a cup of tea… or two.

At long last, fans are able to enjoy the latest trials, troubles, and romances of their favorite regency era family.

There are some new ladies in town. The Sharma family has traveled to London from India in order to find young Miss Edwina a husband.

She’s accompanied by her older sister Kate and her mother Mary. The venerable Lady Danbury is sponsoring their trip to the marriage mart.

Meanwhile, across town, Lord Anthony Bridgerton has decided he’s ready to tie the knot.

Much to the relief of his beleaguered, but while he does want a wife, he wants nothing to do with romance.

All seems to be going according to plan, but when Kate learns of Anthony’s low regard for women, he seeks a wife only to fulfill his duty, and does not believe in true love, she is dead set against him and does all she can to interfere.

Viewers know Jonathan Bailey from season one of the acclaimed series, but Simone Ashley as Kate and Charithra Chandran as Edwina are newcomers.

There’s a lot of tension as the three struggle to make or prevent a match.

What does the sharp-tongued Lady Russell have to say about this? You’ll have to find out for yourself.

All episodes are available for binging on Netflix.