AAFP Advocates Primary Care for America


The U.S. spends twice per person what other developed countries do on health care, yet we’re less healthy.

Fixing a broken health care system starts with a doctor many Americans may not be seeing.

Want to stay healthy? Then see your primary care physician. The stats indicate you’ll benefit.

California Life spoke to Chief Innovation Officer of OneMedical, Dr. Rushika Fernandopulle, who shared that Primary Care is a great place to help us detect problems early, to manage crowding conditions, and to figure out where is the right place to go, overall leading to better health and better outcomes.

“We need to focus our health care system on creating a greater access to affordable primary care and we need to focus our health care system on the physical and mental health of patients over the course of their lifespan.”

Shawn Martin, EVP & CEO of AAFP

Martin argues that it’s not just focusing on patients when they are sick.

Each of us as patients and advocates for better healthcare system should communicate with our employers, elected officials, or other individuals who can influence health policy.

Patients are the real role for advocating on this, and would benefit the most from this.

For more, visit primarycare4america.org.