Howard’s Appliance Transforms the Industry


The appliance industry made a big comeback during the pandemic- as renewing your home and appliances became increasingly popular.

For one retailer, the archaic process of shopping for appliances is gone. New technology has upheaved the experience for the consumer and the overall industry.

California Life interviewed John Riddle, CEO of Howard’s Appliance, who discussed their transformation in the appliance industry.

Since March of 2020, consumers have wanted to benefit their situations at home. From wanting healthier meals to faster laundry machines, consumers have led a large increase in home improvement.

Due to the discretionary income that was perhaps destined for traveling or other outside expenses cancelled by COVID, people had funding to create a robust market for major appliances.

Howard’s Appliance envisioned and created multiple experience centers. Now, customers can immerse themselves in an exclusive appliance and home improvement shopping experience.

“We know the consumer wants to try things out and test products before they take them home. We’ve developed experience centers so that you can try out, test, turn on, cook, check the dishwasher, or even do the laundry.”

John Riddle, CEO of Howard’s Appliance

Customers are guaranteed with the latest in technology and appliances when engaged with the products at the experience centers.

Their vision is to allow the consumer to play with technology on today’s product roadmaps.

Howard’s Appliance spends a lot of time educating and training their associates, so customers will receive first-class and knowledgable customer service.

When entering the center, customers have access to a a QR code which allows them to see all the things they liked from previous visits to the center.

The cherry on top to this transformation is Howard’s top-notch and reliable delivery & installation.

Howard’s trained professionals will always show up to homes in the Howard’s truck, committed to doing a good job- not just from a protocol and safety standpoint- but with an emphasis to make sure everything being handled in a home is done in first-class fashion.

Howard’s Appliance transformed something that was becoming a dreaded process into an innovative, interactive shopping experience.

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