Introducing Airtasker: Services in Los Angeles


A new online marketplace called Airtasker has been launched in Los Angeles.

Airtasker is an open marketplace model that empowers customers to get any tasks done– even Botox!

Airtasker is a trusted community platform that connects people looking to earn money and are ready to work.

Airtasker recently surveyed to find out what services are most needed to keep up with the L.A. lifestyle. Statistically, they found that men feel more pressure to keep up with that L.A. lifestyle than women.

From hair stylists to yoga classes to party planning, even pet pampering, from simple to complicated tasks, Airtasker can help you complete your home cleaning, handyperson jobs, admin work, photography, graphic design, or even building a website.

The tasks don’t need to fit any traditional service category; you can get anything done.

Go online or download the app, and Airtasker will take you from things to do to everything’s done. Check it out and get more done!