Save Our Water: Tips for Californians


Everyone can do their part to give the gift of water to the golden state this year.

California Life interviewed Save Our Water. They were kind enough to provide a Water-Wise Santa to tell us the importance of conserving water.

Water-Wise Santa, why is it important for Californians to save water at this time?

“Despite heavy rains or big snowstorms, California faces a new water reality. I have been working with Save Our Water to remind Californians that we need to always conserve because of climate change, extreme wet to extreme dry weather. There is a lot that we can do on our part. Our hotter, drier climate and reduced water supply force Californians to think, live, and act differently.” 

What can Californians do to contribute to the conversation of water?

“Think native and water-wise plants. Water-Wise gardens can be diverse, functional, and beautiful spaces without a large green lawn or thirsty flower beds. California landscaping can be varied and beautiful. That is why the Save Our Water Campaign reminds people that there are small changes we can make in the yard to contribute to a water-wise future.”

Water-Wise Santa is sitting amid beautiful plants right now. Tell us about these water-wise but beautiful plants! 

From patio garden boxes to the beautiful yard I am sitting in, many water-wise planting solutions only require a little water. They are pretty, affordable, and easy to maintain. California native plants and water-wise plants in your gardens allow your landscaping to go from surviving to thriving. Not only are they attractive and water-smart, but they are also an excellent resource for birds, bees, and butterflies.

Is it true that water-wise plants are inexpensive?

“They can be inexpensive! You can create a California Native Plant garden for any style and budget. There are thousands of water-wise plants to create that beautiful California landscape. You can even create a garden that lasts year-round!

While providing that much-needed habitat for pollinators like birds, bees, and butterflies, your water-wise choices will turn your garden from surviving to thriving in no time. The best part is that they are low maintenance, so you do not have to worry about cutting that lawn anymore.

Don’t forget: drip irrigation only makes it easy to use the water you need in your gardens.

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