Kin Benefits: Healthy Returns for New Parents


New moms can find that returning to work brings special challenges.

An overwhelming majority (97%) of breastfeeding moms say they plan to continue breastfeeding after they return to work. However, more than 1/3 are unsure if their workplace offers breastfeeding support.

“Breastfeeding is one of those things people need the right environment to have a productive withdrawal of milk. Mothers want to feel safe in a clean environment.” 

Jeff Castillo, Executive VP of Americas for Medela LLC

Many places, unfortunately, provide that opportunity on a limited basis—for example, a public bathroom.

Some moms report that their workplace offers no breastfeeding support for new parents.

Employers have an opportunity to ease this transition! It can be as simple as dedicating a private room or pod to allow a mother to breastfeed privately.

The room could have products, such as breastfeeding pumps or creams, that allow mothers to withdraw their milk promptly in a non-stressful environment. Then, they can leave the room after successfully withdrawing their milk and providing it to their baby.

Surveys show that employers who offer lactation support programs saw a 94% retention rate of their employees and improved morale.

One such inclusive benefits program is Kin: Healthy Returns for New Parents, which provides employers with the necessary tools.

Kin works closely with human resource departments across the country to ensure they provide consultation, facilities, and products to support the breastfeeding journey for new mothers.

Kin is currently working with the largest employers worldwide to ensure that they have adequate facilities across their places of employment.

For employers, Kin benefits new parents returning to work, while the kin website offers educational resources.

To learn more about Kin: Healthy Returns for New Parents, go to kin Their website has all the information, plus any resource a new mom may need during her breastfeeding journey.