Family dinners are actually the most important meal of the day & should make a comeback


It seems like the tradition of family dinners focused on quality time with our loved ones is being replaced with take-out meals and watching TV.

However, New York Times best-selling author Stephanie Allen says family dinner at the table is actually the most important time of the day and needs to make a comeback.

In her new book, “THE HOUR THAT MATTERS MOST: The Surprising Power of the Family Meal,” Allen explains how sharing that evening meal and communicating with each other has a profoundly positive impact on children.

Allen is also the co-founder of Dream Dinners and shares how to fix-and-freeze delicious meals that are convenient for even the busiest of parents.

For more on Allen’s new book or dinner ideas, watch our interview below. Or tune into this week’s episode of California Life with Heather Dawson airing statewide.