Family Entertainment Nintendo 3DS


Airing: Episode 483, Week of Saturday March 2, 2019

Whether you’re stuck at home looking for entertainment or your on-the-go, Lifestyle Expert and Dad Lance Smith says entertaining the entire family may be easier than you think.

He’s always looking for a way to keep his family entertained, with art projects, family movie nights, and road trips. But when it’s cold outside, with everyone stuck indoors they’ve been playing a lot of video games.

Video games are no longer just an activity for kids. More than two-thirds of American parents play video games with their kids at least once a week. Lance breaks down gaming icon Nintendo’s hot games on the market that are also budget-friendly. What he shows is part of their handheld line of systems, which is a great and affordable entry point for kids and parents who want to get into the video game world. Right now the new Nintendo 3ds XL is the latest handheld system. It comes pre-loaded with one of his favorite games that he loves to challenge his kids to, Mario Kart 7.
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